WordCamp Montreal is a community-run event that tries to include as many people as possible in our decisions, however the core responsibilities tend to fall in the hands of a few key organizers who make sure that all the work gets done and are stuck with any problems that arise.

Learn more about the organizers of previous years’ WordCamp events on the page, which as archived information about all editions of WordCamp Montreal.

WordCamp Montréal 2011 Organizers

Carl Alexander · EquiSoft

Carl Alexander is an avid PHP developer who loves doing freaky experiments merging various open source technologies for unpredictable results. He acts as a Technical Lead at EquiSoft. His team specializes in building large custom web applications for the media industry.

Jeremy Clarke · Simian Uprising

Jeremy Clarke is a PHP, HTML, CSS and WordPress hacker from Montreal. He loves his job working on the nonprofit citizen media site Global Voices, where he manages dozens of WordPress sites, blogs, plugins, themes and a couple of bitchy Linux servers. He has a communications degree from Concordia University, but is mostly a self-taught web developer.

Brendan Sera-Shriar · Vanilla Forums

Brendan Sera-Shriar A.K.A. digibomb is the Social Media Manager at Vanilla Forums and has been an interactive designer, developer, author and teacher for over 10 years. Brendan has taught web design at Long Island University Brooklyn campus, and has been a professor at Seneca College in the School of Communication Arts for over 7 years. He is also the founder of PHUG, an open source community for designers and developers with currently over 4000 members. Brendan has contributed to many open source projects including papervision3D, red5, Firefox, WordPress, and Drupal, just to name a few.

Shannon Smith · Café Noir Design

Shannon Smith is the founder of Café Noir Design Inc. a boutique Montreal web design studio specializing in bilingual web design. She supports web standards, semantic markup, microformats, open source products, and sustainable business practices. Shannon works with a number of PHP/MySQL content management systems to create clean, minimalist designs, that adhere to W3C standards.

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