Measure Twice, Blog Once

How can you use analytics in better ways to track, report on, and act on the activity on your WordPress site? This presentation will help answer that question by going over the basics of the Google Analytics plugin as well as other low-cost/free analytics application that are available for WordPress. We’ll also go through some basic analytics best practices and jump into actual examples of ways to use analytics to gain more insight into how users are getting to, and using, your WordPress site.

This presentation is targeted at the blogger, business user, developer, or casual WordPress user that might think they’re “missing” something with their analytics collection and reporting. Some stuff will be slow for developers, and some stuff might be a bit over the heads of those that don’t know how to code, but the tactics and ideas are relevant for most and I try to cover all levels of understanding with each example. That way users can go back to their developers and say “we need to do this” and developer can back to the users and say “have you thought about doing this”.

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About Adam

I’m a self-declared “seasoned web veteran” with a rich web analytics background and extensive digital marketing experience and skills. I’m now the CEO at SwellPath, an analytics consulting and digital marketing agency based in Portland. I’m a WordPress fanatic, and have been a hardcore user since 2006. A developer in the early years of my career, I now code just enough to distract myself for hours with analytics and WordPress. Follow @wheresitworking on Twitter.