Multisite basics and Q&A with The Experts

Ron and Andrea, multisite gurus and core contributors to WordPress, will field questions relating to the multisite (previously “MU”) setting in WP, which allows you to run many sites with only one installation. They’ll start by answering the most common questions about MS, ranging from “Where do I even begin?” and “Do I really need it?” all the way to “How do I write a plugin for multisite?” Once everyone is clear on the basics they’ll field any questions you have about setting up and using Multisite.

Suitable for anyone who can wrangle a single blog and wants to know where to go from there.

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About Ron and Andrea

Ron & Andrea Rennick specialize in the network/multisite feature of WordPress, ranging from custom plugin development to commercial plugins and ebooks at Both are active in the core WordPress development and support communities and Ron has the rare honor of being a “core committer” to the WordPress project. Follow @andrea_r & @wpmuguru (Ron) on Twitter.