SEO & Social Media for Business with WordPress

In today’s competitive online marketplace, it’s not enough to just build a website and expect people to find it. There are a number of basic steps companies can take to get higher search engine rankings and more visitors to their websites. WordPress can be used to increase website rankings using search engine optimization (SEO) as well as promote interaction and engagement using social media. Whether companies are using WordPress as a CMS or to blog, they can take advantage of the SEO-ready aspects that the platform allows for, both natively and through the use of plugins. This session will introduce some of the key concepts, features, and plugins that companies should consider when using WordPress as part of their Internet marketing plans.

Though ideally suited for business using WordPress as a CMS, this is an introductory/overview session that is for all WordPress users.

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About Brian

With over 10 years of Internet marketing experience, Brian Rotsztein brings a seasoned approach to working with clients. As the head of two web design and Internet marketing companies ( and, he helps businesses gain a competitive advantage. He holds two Master’s degrees, has taught university courses, and provides training services for topics such as SEO and social media. He’s been a WordPress fan since he started using version 1.6 (in 2005!). Follow @brianrotsztein on Twitter.