WordPress Custom Post Types In-Depth

Since WordPress 3.0 added Custom Post Types, WordPress has become a truly powerful and extensible Content Management System for any need. In this talk we’ll review the what, why and how of custom post types. If you’ve been meaning to learn beyond the basics of Custom Post Types, now is the time!

Starting with what CPTs are and how they’re used, we’ll explain how to register/create them as well as how make them most of them in your themes and plugins. We’ll discuss the Custom Post Types API as well as its shortcomings, and consider various UI-based CPT plugins and their pros and cons as well other innovative approaches. Custom Post Types are the future of WordPress, don’t miss out!

Basic knowledge of WordPress coding standards & PHP. HTML/CSS helpful but not required.

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About Colin and Joachim

Co-founder of stresslimit, Colin has consulted on, architected and developed CMS platforms, intranets, applications and websites of all shapes & sizes for over a decade. Having watched the WordPress project be born, grow & develop, he now champions the simplicity and extensibility of the world’s most popular blogging (and now CMS) platform. Follow @stresslimit on Twitter.

Joachim created his first website at the age of 11. Ever since, he’s been passionate about all things web and has given himself the technical know-how to develop websites. In 2008, he tried out WordPress, and fell in love with the platform, and is happy to have seen it grow to where it is today. Referred to as the “WordPress guru” in the office, Joachim is now one of the lead developers at stresslimit, as well as a WordPress freelance developer. Follow @jkudish on Twitter.