WordPress Development Paradigms, Idiosyncrasies and Other Big Words

For seasoned developers approaching WordPress customization or development for the first time the biggest challenge is often not learning the API and method calls: it’s grasping the idiosyncrasies of the WordPress framework. In this 45-minute presentation aimed at web coders who are interested indiving into WordPress customization and development, you will learn the key idioms that will accelerate your learning curve and help you approach the framework from a best practices perspective: template hierarchies, themes and child themes, taxonomies, filters and action hooks, execution order and other need-to-know concepts will be presented as well as tips on what the most active online developer communities are and the best places to go for quick (free) help and advice.

This presentation is targeted toward coders and developers who are new to the WordPress platform. The topics are foundational, but will be approached from the perspective of someone who understands web programming principles.

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About Tom

Tom Auger is a designer, developer and educator who has himself recently made the shift to WordPress coder. Having found the process to be challenging, despite his decades of development experience, he is passionate about filling the gaps that The Codex and the multitude of online tutorials seems to be missing. Tom teaches in the Graphic Design and Web programs at Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Toronto, Ontario, and is a Senior Partner at Zeitguys, inc, a downtown Toronto digital agency where he leads their WordPress development practice. Visit tomauger.com.